30 de julho de 2009


Esse vídeo é a gravação do programa "Terra de Minas" , transmitido pela TV Globo-Minas no dia 14 de julho de 2007. Mostra alguns dos meus trabalhos em quilling e um pouquinho de cada técnica como o bordado e origami.

This video was taped to be shown at the "Terra de Minas". This show was transmited by Globo-Minas on July 14th, 2007. You can see some of my quilling projects and a little bit of each technique I love like embroidery on paper and origami.

Uma ótima semana prá você!!

Have a great week!!!

2 comentários:

  1. Hi!
    I'm finnuala from Poland.
    You were right, I don't understand your language and I know english not so well.
    I very like what you do- and I even watched you on Youtube.
    I hope you'll continue visiting my blog.
    My best wishes.


  2. Regina, I actually can see you talking (although I couldn't understand a word, LOL). The clips are SOooo cool. Love all your art works and the quilling arts are so amazing. I tried it years ago, but my creations were not turned out the way I wanted to them to be, so I gave up on them. (well, I should say the quilling gave up on me. LOL)
    Anyways, cool clips and I love it. Thanks for sharing!


Muito obrigada pelos seus comentários. Espero tornar ver você novamente, breve!! Um grande abraço e um ótimo dia para você!

Thank you so very much for your comments. I hope to see you again soon!! Big hug and have a great day!!